Testimonial #7

Thank you very much for the excellent service, your staff and you provided to me. Doctor for years, just the thought of going to the dentist’s office gave me nightmares. Today I was in a great pain for the first time in years. You were kind enough to take a new patient at moment’s notice. I had heard a lot of praises about you through my brother-in-law.

Today I experienced first hand what he was talking about. Your gentle smile, patience to listen to me and exceptional professionalism alone was enough to dramatically reduce my fear.

From the very first impression one can see that your clinic is well equiped with latest equipments. That was impression but what took my breath away, was the courteous service your staff provided and the exceptional skill with which you solved my problem, my pain and fear of dentists.

I never thought that I would say to a dentist that I look forward to to our next appointment.

Now that I am in your capable hands, I look forward to my next appointment in the month June.

Thank you Dr,Mathur for your service and I pray that your knowledge and skills give relief to all the patients who visit you.